General College Rules

  1. Attendance: Eighty five percent (85%) attendance is compulsory. Attendance of students will be monitored on a regular basis and attendance statements will be displayed on the notice board every fortnight. Students should enter their attendance percentage in the Handbook and get it countersigned by their class teacher. Students having less than 85% attendance may be asked to appear before the Principal / Attendance Committee. Unauthorised absence beyond 85% will attract disciplinary action as per the Discipline Schedule.
    Students with attendance below seventy five percent (75%) may face the risk of their Examination Application forms not being forwarded to Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC).
  2. Leave: Students should submit leave applications on prescribed form for every absence. While medical certificates may explain absence, they are not a substitute for attendance.
  3. Dress: Dress and appearance of the students must be in good taste. Students are to come to college neatly dressed, in the college uniform. Boys and girls are to wear trousers, shirts//T-shirts, neckties, blazers and shoes of colour specified by the college. Makeup and fancy hair styles are to be avoided.
  4. Identity Cards: Identity cards should be brought daily to college and worn round the neck. Identity cards should be produced for every type of transaction in the college.
  5. Assignments: Regular assignments and home works in each subject will have to be done by the students under the guidance of the concerned departmental staff.
  6. Examinations: The college conducts regular class tests and unit tests. Attendance in these tests is compulsory. The performance of a student in the tests is taken into consideration at the time of admitting him/her to Board Examinations.
  7. Mentoring: Students will be divided into groups and assigned teachers who will act as mentors to the group. Mentors will guide the students by monitoring, assessment and motivation.
  8. Mobile Phones: Mobile phones are not to be used within the college building without permission. Phones will be confiscated and returned only as per the Discipline Schedule.
  9. Permissions: Permission to leave the college early will be granted only after the parent / guardian has telephoned the college authorities from registered telephone numbers. Requests from non-registered phones will not be entertained.
  10. Substance Abuse: Smoking, alcoholic drinks and drugs are forbidden within and outside the campus. Anyone found indulging in these substances will have their parents summoned and disciplinary action taken as per the Discipline Schedule.
  11. Social Media Policy: Students should be extremely cautious about the news and photographs they post about the college, students and staff on social media. Avoid posting or forwarding anything that is offensive or defamatory. Such content, whether posted by students, staff or outsiders, will be reported to government law enforcement authorities and legal action taken.
  12. Fines: Fines, as per notified Discipline Schedule, may be levied for violation of rules on attendance, dress, behaviour and damages.
  13. Non-serious students: Students who are not serious about studies and are not prepared to give their best by way of attendance, study and discipline should not seek admission to this college. They face the risk of failing and losing years.
  14. Request to Parents: Parents are requested to keep track of the performance of their children in attendance, tests and discipline by visiting or telephoning the Principal.