Facilities & Programmes

The hostellers will be accommodated in 4-bedded rooms and provided with the required furniture for study and sleep.


Degree students will be allowed to study in their rooms. Higher Secondary students who do their tests and homework / assignments satisfactorily (certified by the Principal) will also be allowed to study in their rooms. All others will study in common halls under general supervision. Those Degree and Higher Secondary students who are allowed to study in the rooms will be moved to common halls if general supervision is required due to laziness, misuse of freedom and disturbance to fellow students.


A variety of programmes will be organised for the hostellers. They are required to take part in:

a) Personality development and grooming programmes
b) Value education sessions
c) Talent competitions
d) Cultural get-togethers
e) Indoor and outdoor sports
f) Sunday prayer service
g) Community social service